So one day recently I sat down at my computer and got all comfy..prepared to write some news stories, blog a bit, and just have a relaxing afternoon…..

My computer’s a bit old and takes a little longer to get going these days, but it works perfectly fine. Except this time.

My desktop is frozen..can’t move the I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong, I hear that old, unwelcome sound: “chugga chugga chugga, click, click, click.” It’s the PC Hard Drive Death Rattle.

Going straight into denial, I decide to turn off my computer and restart it. ..maybe in SAFE MODE.

I’m sure I’ll be able find the problem and fix it. Maybe uninstall a few programs to free up some memory…like Excel…or Outlook…I don’t use those anyway.

But this time I don’t even get to FIND Safe Mode before I get a message in DOS mode that says, essentially: “You either have a REALLY bad virus or your hard drive is toast. Try restarting your computer with your boot disk and see what happens.”

Boot disk? Oh yeah, I’ve got one, but it’s at the bottom of a box at the bottom of a closet and I can’t remember which closet. And since all my closets are stacked to the gills with boxes of ‘stuff’ I’ve had since I graduated high school in 1971…good luck finding it.

Well several hours later, I DID find it. ..or something that looked like it could pass for a boot disk. Anyway, I put it in the CD-ROM/cupholder and off it went, whirring away. I waited.

And I waited.

Then I waited some more.

It’s making a noise so it must be doing SOMETHING. Patience.

Finally, I get another message in DOS that says, basically:

“What part of, ‘Your hard drive is toast’ DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? And besides, that’s not the right boot disk.”

So, I said some not very nice things to my old, dead computer and the next day, drove 97 miles south to Atlanta to MicroSeconds – the only computer store I ever shop at and bought another pc. They sell rebuilt and refurbished pc’s and laptops at very reasonable prices.

The nice young man there patiently answered all 337 of my questions about 515mgs of ram vs 1gb or more, pc desktop vs laptop, 160g hard drive vs 80, Windows Vista vs XP etc. (Did you know it takes a full gigabyte of RAM to run Vista?)

So after about an hour, I bought a nice Dell desktop with Windows XP and a new flatscreen monitor. Since the old computer was gone, I decided a new computer needed a new monitor.

I had the World’s Biggest, HuNormous, computer monitor. Weighs at least 150 lbs. It will never die because it’s a Dell. Now it’s an attractive piece of computer art sitting on the dresser in my spare bedroom. I don’t want to throw it out because it still works, but I don’t think I can sell it either. You’d have to rent a UHaul to move it. Maybe I can give it away.

Then I had fun this morning doing an autopsy on my old computer and removing its important parts, like the sound, fax/modem, and video cards, the floppy thingy, (which I want to put into my new computer because I still have a ton of stories on tons of floppies), and the CD-ROM – all of which still work great.

So I’ve been out of the blogging loop for awhile, but now I’m back – new and improved.

Sadly, however, I lost all of my photos of family and friends – human and furry – except for a few that I had transferred onto a jump drive.

Good thing I bought a new camera.

Meantime, through all of this, I found DB a wonderful home. She’s eight weeks old now and doing great.

My new insurance agent, it turns out, is a cat fancier like me (and you) and is always rescuing like me and even has two cats living in her office. Her Himilayan died a few months ago and when I told her about DB, she asked to see her.

Took the little furball over to her office for the day. She took one look at DB and said, “I’ll take her.” DB immediately made herself at home and had fun running around the office, playing with all the toys, etc. She will want for nothing. We even have the same vet.

DB goes to her new mom next week.