Rescued from years of breeding, Bernadette is ready to be someone else’s baby!
Photo by Rebecca Carey

This standard poodle waits patiently to be groomed for the first time ever.

ATLANTA — A fourteen-year-old basset hound with mammary tumors, a frightened husky missing part of her foot, four standard poodles all with chronic ear infections and plagued by severe matting and fleas – these are but a few examples of the suffering inflicted at a rural puppy mill operation under investigation by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

LifeLine Animal Project is working with state authorities to save 150 dogs from these conditions, so neglectful that even seasoned state inspectors were brought to tears.

As in many states, Georgia’s weak animal cruelty laws make it difficult and costly to prosecute these abusive breeding operations.

While pursuing their investigation, state officials have negotiated with the puppy mill owner for the gradual surrender of the dogs to LifeLine’s care.

The first group of fourteen dogs arrived on Friday, June 13. More will be released each week.

In the coming days, LifeLine will be working with other groups and foster homes to find placement for these dogs as soon as possible.

The task ahead is difficult, as many of the dogs are in poor condition after a lifetime of breeding and neglect.

All will need special training to help them adjust to life as family pets. They have never played with toys or slept in a bed before; they have never been taken for a walk.

Yet already, they are responding well to human kindness. With a little extra loving care, we are hopeful they will be ready for loving homes in the very near future.

Please help us fight these inhumane breeding operations. The state has very limited resources and no way to care for these deserving dogs once they are released.

Working together, we can put an end to the abuse and neglect and give these dogs the loving homes they deserve!

LifeLine Animal Project

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