I didn’t need to see the guy giving away kittens near the Wal-mart, but I did.

I was able to resist until I saw a tiny little piece of fluff looking up at me, hot, bedraggled, obviously dehydrated and barely mewing. She got up and came over to me while the other kittens played. Two ran from me, one ignored me, this one, the one who needed the most help, came up to me as if asking for a little water and maybe a decent meal.

I picked her up. She was bony and frail with a butt covered in crusted poop. I couldn’t leave her there. I knew if she fell into the wrong hands, she would die of malnutrition or coccidea or both.

On the way home, she crawled all over me and then found her way under my shirt where she settled. When I got home, she didn’t want to come out from her cozy spot so I let her stay in there while took a couple photos and got her meds ready.

So here she is at my house.

After giving her some fluids, Nutri-cal, KMR and treating her for the coccidea with Albon and Flagyl she has started to come around. ..but she’s still sleeping more than anything else, which she needs now anyway.

I always keep a full supply of basic meds, a bag of fluids, dewormers, vitamins, you name it on hand because I never know when a little waif like this one will be sent my way.

I’ve named her DB – short for Dust Bunny because she’s no bigger than one.

I don’t think DB is more than 4-5 wks old. She’s at that toddler stage of play. She bats at a little ball for a bit, then falls back asleep. Some of that is because she’s so depleted. Hopefully, that will change in the coming weeks and I’ll be able to find her a good home.

Meantime, my guys are being suprisingly good.

I really thought Summer’s nose would be out of joint since she’s the baby of the family and she knows it, but she’s more fascinated than anything else.

My beautiful Zoe is upset.

Zoe is our drama queen and anytime things are not to her liking she puts a paw to her forehead and swoons onto her chaise. Ok, not really, but she does walk around the house “talking” about it and it’s clear she’s upset. Then she retreats under the bed to have a good pout.

Old Tommy instantly loved her as I knew he would. He’s been following her around and then looking for her when she’s sleeping. Rusty likes her too.

Parker hisses at her, which is normal for Parker. She hisses at everyone but me.

Alysanne doesn’t care.

Simon is afraid of her, which is pretty funny since he weighs about 14 lbs.

And Mia is facsinated to see a “MiniMe.” That’s probably what I should name her, “MiniMia.”

So everyone else, including my dog Midgie are getting extra kisses and hugs and attention – that should help.