Seems NOW the Dept of Agriculture is actually going to DO something about this horrible woman and her pet store.

After Randy Travis exposed their incredible lack of oversight not only of Evelyn Nelson and Sandie’s Pets, but of two other backyard breeder/puppy mills in Georgia, they’re going to come up here and meet with the city marshall later this week. We’ll see what happens.

Meantime, the city manager tells me that if the state pulls her license to sell animals, they’ll pull her local business license. That will shut her down for good, thankfully.

Sadly, it probably won’t stop her. People like that just go somewhere else and set up shop. She’ll probably continue to sell at flea markets in South Carolina. At least she won’t be around here anymore.

On a lighter note, took Midgie with me yesterday on my travels around the N. GA mountains for a story I’m working on.

Midgie loves to travel with me. We drove up to Franklin, NC for an interview and then on the way back I stopped in Dillard, GA. It’s the last Georgia town before you get to the North Carolina state line and quite a tourist trap.

I interviewed the owner of the Dillard House for my story…then decided to stay and have lunch. If you’re ever in north Georgia, a stop at the Dillard House is a must for down home country cooking served family style. They also h ave a lodge and lots of activities.

Anyway, it was too hot to leave Midgie in the car so the manager kindly offered to have her staff “puppy sit” my dog while I ate. Midgie got her full share of belly rubs in their back office I can tell you. They loved her, she had fun, and I got a great meal.

I love taking her with me on my travels. It was a long drive yesterday, and today she’s in the office sound asleep. At 13, it takes her a day to recover from Big Adventures.

She recently discovered a hole in the yard.  Midgie is a people house dog by nature. She doesn’t normally find things like holes interesting, but she did this one.  I just had to laugh as she dug and dug to see what was in there.  She discovered her “dog side” and had a great time too!