Happy Birthday to my Midgie, aka “Puppy.”

She turned 13 last Thursday. The little puppy I rescued after she had been abandoned at my vet with a bad case of flea anemia, is entering her senior years and I can hardly believe it.

I wasn’t going to have a dog because of my hectic life at that time. ..but when Dr. Karen told me about the little puppy in the holding cage who had been left outside and was so weak from anemia she had to have a blood transfusion, I had to just take a look.

It took a month before the vet could legally let her go. Georgia law requires vets hold abandoned animals for 30 days, then send the owner a registered letter. If the owner doesn’t respond, the animal becomes the property of the vet. The owner of Midgie did respond, saying he was coming to pick her up and sell her on consignment at a pet store in Roswell, GA a neighboring town in metro Atlanta.

So I got on the phone immediately and called every pet store in and around Roswell. I got hold of the manager of Roswell Pet Supply. When I asked him if someone was coming in to sell a Shihtzu puppy on consignment he said, “No, but someone who purchased a Shihtzu MIX puppy from me has broken two appointments to return the dog. I told him I wouldn’t take the puppy back unless it was healthy and I never hear any more from him.”

After comparing notes we discovered Midgie’s previous owner was the same man who bought her from Roswell Pet Supply.

Well, long story short, I paid her vet bill, took her home to foster for the Gwinnett Humane Society and obviously, 13 years later…she’s still here. Over her lifetime, Midgie had gladdened the hearts of many many people and lots of children.

When we lived in Atlanta we belonged to a pet therapy group, Happy Tails. Our team visited children at Egleston Childrens Hospital. Midgie loved getting into their laps and giving them kisses. In return, they would give her belly rubs and hugs. A win-win all around.

Over the years, Midgie has helped me foster many litters of kittens and considers all current household feliines, “hers.” She’s not a dog’s dog, but she does love her cats and kittens…and her mom…and to be in the middle of a conversation with the girls.

A recent visit to the vet found she’s in terrific health for a dog her age so I hope to have my “puppy” around for many more years to come.

Happy Birthday, Midgie.