Some good news about our girl Sara…she’s now taken up residence in the toolshed next to the house…her old abode until I brought her in the house for the winter.

I’m very glad about that because of the rain we’ve had recently. The tool shed is rather large and has a cat door on the side. It’s up off the ground and warm and dry inside and fairly clean as toolsheds go.

The little house down the hill where she’s been staying for over a month was all well and good, but there was no way for her to get inside. That meant I had to put her little cabana bed on the covered porch. When it rained, it still got wet and one morning after a rainy night I found her under the porch mewing.

I don’t mind admitting it was stupid of me to let her out, but now I have to let her take things at her own speed. After my other cats chased her I didn’t think she’d ever be back up here…but she’s been lonely I guess. Every morning and evening I’d walk down there with her food. It got to where she’d follow me back up the hill, but wouldn’t come the rest of the way.

“Then one night”… when I took Midgie out for her final potty break, I heard Sara mewing nearby in the dark. I called her and she came running. Her boyfriend Simon was out with her and she had followed him up the hill. When he decided to come in the house for the night, she started to follow him in. I stood there as quietly as possible and held the door for her. She made it to the threshold, then thought the better of it and ran away.

But that opened the door for me to open the shed door and she went in with me. I put a fresh bowl of food down and laid down a clean rug and she stayed! The next morning, I washed her cabana bed and put that in there too. So when it stormed here last night, I knew she was warm and safe for the night.  At least she’s one step closer.

Meantime, the rain also brings out some of my other favorite creatures – land turtles. Georgia has several varieties of Eastern box turtles and this morning I saw two.   Two males, I think.

Males have deep red/orange eyes, females are more brown and this is mating and egg-laying season so that’s probably why they’re out and about. Last year, ,I got to watch a mama turtle lay her eggs near the base of a tree. It took her hours. I marked the spot where she buried her eggs, but I never saw any hatchling turtles come up.

I’m always so amazed at nature. Living up here, I see so much I never got to see in the Big City. Our resident family deer come around every morning. It’s so cool to look out one’s kitchen window in the morning and see eight or nine deer grazing on the lawn.

I feel truly blessed.