To all who are moms to their feline friends and their canine companions.

Boy, I’m gone a month and come back to find a new way to insert photos and it’s not working. I don’t like it.

It’s been a month of working like a crazy person, then just collapsing with a bad case of writer’s block.  Not good when you make your living this way.

So in all that time, nothing major has happened at the Feline Farm except I’ve been working from home a lot.  I’ve learned something about working from get cabin fever.   I find I need the interaction of coworkers to bounce ideas off of to keep me sharp.  I bounce them off the cats but they just look at me.

One nice thing though is they get to go out more and they love that.  I rearranged my office and put my desk in front of the window that looks out onto the woods behind my house.  I have a bird feeder up and the cats sit underneath it…just hoping…not for a bird…but for a squirrel.  Sadly, Haley brought one in the house the other day. It was still alive so I rushed it over to Dr. Hitchcock our resident wildlife specialist, but it was too late. At least he died humanely.

And the Saga of Sara continues.  She was getting more and more depressed inside = especially when the other cats would be outside.   She hadn’t progressed much as far as letting me touch her or warming up as a house cat.  Six months after coming inside, she still cowered in a corner and hissed every time I tried to pet her, though she was good about using the litter box.  She had also stopped eating much.

So one warm spring day I opened her window and she jumped out and ran into the woods, tail high in the air.  The minute I did it, I was sorry.

It was great for her though until everyone fell back into their pattern of chasing her and she running from them.   For a few days she stayed in the woodshed and I think she really wanted to get back into the house but didn’t know how. I couldn’t leave the window open at night because we have raccoons.

Then I didn’t see her for a few days.  She finally turned up at my neighbor’s old cabin down the hill.  I set up a waterproof cabana for her, which she used and I’ve been walking down there twice a day to feed her.   It might actually turn out to be the best thing, though I feel bad now.  When I’m down there with her she’s much more affectionate than she was in the bedroom = rolling around on the ground, following me. She wants to get closer but is just so scared.  I’m hoping she’ll get desperate and allow me to finally pet her.

We had a bad rain last night and the wind blew the tarp off her cabana. It was soaked this morning so I had to wash it. Decided not to put it back down there but to put it back in the toolshed next to the house where it was before.  That’s where she used to “live” before I caught her and brought her in for the winter.  She’s been afraid to come up to the house but I’m going to let hunger to the training this time.  I’m going to call her from the tool shed and hope she gets up the courage to come up here again for her food.

As long as she’s around I’ll never give up on her. I know she wants to be loved and part of the family.  She just needs courage.