I live on a lake, but the boats I’m talking about don’t float… on water.

I first saw them one spring morning the first year I was here. They are woven out of glistening gossamer silk in the dark of night and by noon the next day, they’re gone. The next night, it starts all over again.

Most look like sailboats. You can see the sail, even the rudder underneath. Others look like pirate ships or just plain fishing boats.

In the morning, one finds them everywhere in the forest, hanging from the tree branches and intertwined among the leaves and vines of the forest floor, but mysteriously, there’s no one nor nothing in them.

Perhaps they are the sailboats of fairies…one’s imagination can run wild.

However, being of a more scientific mind, I know they are made by some sort of spider but a spider who doesn’t sit in its own web, unless it’s so small it can’t be seen.

If there’s an entimologist or spider expert out there, I’d love to know more about this amazing creature who nightly builds its own boat, then takes it apart the next day.

They are amazing builders, whatever they are and I’m constantly fascinated by them.