I love baby animals…but not as gifts at Easter.

This week, the state humane group (yes, Georgia has a lobby group that calls itself the Georgia Humane Society..or whatever..but is in the back pocket of our state ag commissioner…don’t get me started) put out a presser about not buying the baby animals for kids for Easter.

So I’m thinking, ’bout time…I’ll call good ol’ Tommy Irvin..state agriculture commissioner and get a comment from him.

Well the man is 80-something (literally) and getting senile… so it takes two days for his pr guy to set up a simple phone interview up…I get Irvin on the phone, hit the record button, prompt him with the press release and HE SAYS….

“Well I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as they have someplace to put ’em when they’re grown.”

Sorry, did I hear right? Nothing wrong???

So I try another angle…”Yes but many parents who buy these baby chicks, ducklings, bunnies live in cities, in suburbia where “livestock” usually isn’t allowed. Then what happens to the baby chicks, ducklings, et? ” (I’ll tell you what happens here…they get put in box and are left to die because they’re just toys for the kids, right?)

No answer for that one from Mr. Irvin..

We, animal welfare advocates, pet rescuers, etc. tried to get him out of office last election…he’s been there 40 years but we didn’t succeed, sadly. Hoping we can do it this election year.

So I hope none of my readers will be buying baby animals at Easter time for their kids…there are lots of lovely stuffed toy animals to choose from. Midgie gets a little Easter bunny toy every year. My cats..well they have tons of toys.

It’s beautiful spring weather here. My wild mountain violets have come up and the cats are outside seeing what they can catch.

It’s still very brown here, but the daffodils are up, the forsythia is in bloom as well as my mountains violets. I transplanted a couple of them from the woods when I first moved here and each year they come up bigger and better…and spread.


They only bloom in the very early spring and are gone by May (the flower) so I ran out and took some snaps before they’re gone until next spring…not very good photos, but do-able.

mountain-violets2.jpgAs you can see, my garden is very natural..all the top soil comes from the forest floor and my “mulch” are the dead leaves that fell on the garden last fall.

My flower motto… “if it blooms, it can stay.” So I have lots of interesting stuff coming up this year I expect. The wild hummingbird vines for example. I took some seeds last fall from the vines growing wild and have them potted now. Some have come up. They put out this beautiful tiny red trumpet flower and grow like, well, weeds. The hummingbirds love them.

We have more beautiful wildflowers growing along the side of the road in Georgia than you could ever buy in a nursery. I just have to get out there and get some more this year.


The resident herd of deer came wandering through this morning..wish I’d had my camera ready for that Kodak moment…all the cats lined up in a row..just watching them as they grazed on through. It’s been so cool to see one of the mama deers raise her babies from last year. They’re almost her size now.

Have been looking at enclosures for little Sara. Want to build one off that bedroom window so she can go out and be outside. Have considered letting her back out for the summer or maybe putting in a pet door to that room so she could come in and out on her own…but I don’t think she would. She’s still not friendly with most of the other cats.

Well happy Easter everyone. Spring is here.