My friend Jennifer, who’s been in pet rescue for years, recently took in about five small “breeder” dogs from a backyard breeder who didn’t want them anymore.

Two were chihuahuas. One, Lily, the longhair chi, was a little nippy and shy at first, but has turned a corner now that she’s not stuck in a cage all day and is getting human contact. She’s become quite sweet and loving. She’s quite beautiful and weighs about 4lbs.

Friday morning, Jen heard what sounded like squeaking coming from under the bed. Thought one of the cats had a hair ball.

Saturday morning, she heard it again and decided to check it out.

Tucked under an old comforter under the bed, she found Lily the Chihuahua and her newborn puppy. Jen had no idea Lily was pregnant when she took her from the breeder and had actually had her scheduled to be spayed this week.

She sent me these photos of Lily and her newborn yesterday. They are now in their own “maternity ward” in her master bathroom away from the other small dogs. She asked me if I’d like to foster them…tempting…VERY tempting…but my Midgie would be VERY upset and jealous. At 13, I don’t want to stress her out.

Plus ,I think the stress of being moved to a new home after just giving birth would have been too much for Lily as well.

Here’s some photos taken Sunday.



He/she has no name yet. Mother and Baby are doing fine.  Once baby is weaned, Lily will be spayed and ready for adoption.  Puppy will also be spayed/neutered at the proper time and put up for adoption.

If you’re interested in either one, you can contact Jennifer at: Jen specializes in rescuing small dogs.