One my fellow bloggers believes the video of the marine throwing a puppy off a cliff might be a fake.

I did some research and except for the YouTube video that suggests it might be a fake, no one else is saying that. The Marines aren’t saying it’s a fake. If it is, someone needs to fess up. Then we need to find the idiot who made the original video and bring him/her up on charges.

I hope it’s a fake, but even if it is and it wasn’t a U.S. soldier, SOMEBODY threw a puppy off a cliff and videotaped it. It’s disgusting that ANYONE would make such a video and circulate it. That person is sick in their mind, sick in their soul, and evil.

And to another responder, agreed, our soldiers are not drafted, they enlist, but they don’t volunteer to go to Iraq that I’m aware of. They’re told they’re going whether they want to or not…no choice there. However, while in Iraq or anywhere, they do have choices regarding their behavior – absolutely. We all do.