One of my favorite fellow cat bloggers writes:

“Though the Marines regard the video to be fake, nonetheless, they are investigating the incident as animal cruelty. This is why the Marines regard the video as fake:

YouTube and other video/audio sharing sites, and video e-mail attachments, are blacked out by DoD (takes up too much bandwidth) since they provide internet access for US military personnel throughout the region.

However, their conduct “outside the wire,” is the disturbing part, that is, they’re goofing off instead paying attention to their mission … endangering everyone, including themselves.

Of course, there are issues of lack of discipline and order by their squad leader. Bottom line, it won’t be swept under the rug because of the conduct issues point to command failures.”

Thanks so much for the update. Sounds like you have inside info and I’m glad you shared it. I agree that in addition to the horrible video, these soldiers were clearly “goofing off” and were endangering everyone. I for one would like to hear the outcome of the military’s investigation into this.