I just have to add my two cents to the video being circulated of the U.S. soldiers throwing a puppy off a cliff.

I can’t tell you how much that  disgusts me.

On the news this morning, some Army spokesperson said they would immediately address the situation and handle this soldier (and his buddies I hope)  in “appropriate matter.”

I realize there are going to be a few “bad apples” in every basket, but these guys make me feel ashamed and embarrassed even though this is not typical of our military.

Yes, they have a hard job, no they don’t want to be there, but while there they need to do all  they can to represent our country in the most positive light possible.  This soldier and his unit had far better things to do and where was their commanding officer???? Who was in charge of these guys that this was allowed to happen?

There have been a number of stories on the news where soldiers brought back stray dogs they encountered in Iraq and gave them good homes, but this will blot those out completely.

What kind of person tortures an innocent animal and thinks it’s funny and should be video taped for posterity?  “Hey son, here’s what I did while I was in Iraq – I couldn’t find any al-qaida to kill so I killed defenseless puppies – aren’t you proud  of your dear old dad?”

The military needs to address this immediately.