I have two bird feeders out back. My cats love to sit beneath them and watch. Now, before you go all crazy on me and think my cats are eating the birds….. please view yesterday’s video below.

My cats are fat, well-fed, and terrible bird catchers. Granted, they try…but they’re not hungry so there’s no real desire for them to catch the bird to eat it. They’re all well fed and spend most of their time indoors so they have no real skill at catching a bird on the wing.

Also, birds aren’t stupid either. If a cat is too close to the feeder, they stay away. In the video below, you can’t see the finch feeder in the trees too well, but it’s full of Gold Finches, and there’s poor Mia…watching from below. ….hoping. Not that she’d know what to do with a bird if she DID manage to catch one.