Had planned to get a jump on my blogging yesterday, but it was Sunday, the weather was beautiful and I just got lazy.

All of the cats enjoyed being outside. I need to get some photos up on this site.

Opened all the windows and doors yesterday afternoon since the temp was near 70 with a gentle breeze. Little Sara’s window was open wide too and she sat in her window watching my cats run around outside.

I know she’d like to be out with them, but she also likes “her room.”

It’s been a very slow process with her, but she’s coming around a little more each week. I stopped leaving dry food down for her to free feed so she learns to depend on me for her food.

That’s helping. At night before I go to bed I leave her door ajar so she can come out at night and have a look around while me and all the other cats are asleep. In the mornings, she’ll be sitting at her door watching everyone and waiting for her breakfast.

When I come in, she doesn’t run and hide. Instead, she jumps on my office chair and watches me. I’ve been able to put her food on the chair in front of her without her running away and coming out when I leave.


She likes having me in the room, and will come out and play with her toys while I work on my computer. ..but she still doesn’t like the other cats much. Sara has gotten to be somewhat friends with AlyseAnne, which is unusual because Alyse usually likes to bully her way through life with the other cats. But I’ve peeked in the room and seen them sleeping near eachother…Sara in her basket by the window, Alyse in the office chair.

I put a bird feeder outside her window so she has them to watch during the day.

One thing I want to do for her and for my cats is to build an outdoor enclosure. One for her attached to her window, one for my guys on my back deck. Have been looking at them online at http://www.cdpets.com.

They sell kits. A friend of mine bought one for her cats and likes it real well. She lives in the heart of Atlanta and her cats can’t go out. So this gives them the feel of being out, without the dangers.

I want one for my guys to use when I’m not there and one for Sara to use this summer. The back of my house stays shady most of the time so it would be very comfortable for them in the summer, but they’re pricey.. $500 each. May just have to build my own.

Plus, in the summer I really don’t want my guys running around outside too much…too many things can happen even in the country woods. Snakes, fox, raccoons, stray dogs and coyotes are all hazards…not big hazards, but still.

Well back to my real job.