Little Sara is still a fradycat. As the winter weeks and months roll by she’s adjusted to being in my back bedroom and when the door is closed I hear her playing with her toys.

Several weeks ago I set up a bird feeder outside her window and when we’re all out in the backyard, I’ll see her cute little face peering out. When it’s warm I open her window a bit and she likes that, but if I come in and sit at the computer or clean her room and litterbox, she hides.

One thing she has gotten used to though is me sitting at the computer. She won’t come out from behind the arm chair in the corner right away, but eventually, she’ll sneak out when she thinks I’m not paying attention and play with her favorite toy …it’s a big plastic ring with a ball and a scratcher in the middle.

The other day I was surfing the net, playing spider solitaire and just sort of relaxing when I heard the little ball go round and round behind me. I slowly turned around for a peek and it was Sara.

I think if I could get her into the living room or my bedroom where everything is really going on, she’d get used to things quicker. The other cats don’t harass her anymore. They’re used to her being in there, but she’s still wary of them. Except for Simon.

Poor Sara is besotted over Simon and he cares nothing for her, the knucklehead. If she sees him out in the back garden, she cries at her window. If he comes into her room, she comes running out from her hiding place just crying pitiously… He just walks away and leaves her sitting there. The few times he’s gone in there and stayed, she jumps up and nuzzles him and purrs and purrs. He’ll wash her face and play bat at her…then fall asleep with her cuddled up next to him.

I wish I could get him to stay with her more often..or get her to follow him around the house when he comes in, but she won’t go further the bedroom door.

Thought about getting one of those cat condos for her so I could roll her from room to room, but I think trying to get her into it would be impossible since she only lets me pet her under protest.


When I was heavy into cat rescue, I had two of them but gave them away when I ‘retired.’

I really believe Sara longs to be with the rest of the feline  family and me, but is just so scared.  She will let me pet her if she’s cornered, but under some protest.  She’ll cower and hiss a bit, then endure a few strokes on the head or side of her cheek.

I still have hope.