Little stray Sara has been living happily this winter in the tool shed where I made up an insulated cabana.

She’s gotten to where she comes when I call her and runs ahead of me, tail up, talking and rubbing against things as I put her food down in the shed. Still won’t let me pet her though, but she wants to.

But I knew the extremely cold weather was yet to come, the temperatures in the teens, ice and snow.

So, several weeks ago, with my neighbor’s help I trapped her again (probably the last time too) and for almost a month now she’s been in my back office.

I was glad she was in this week with the snowfall Thursday and icy rain yesterday.


At first, I tried to spend a lot of time with her and pet her. She’d let me pet her, but only under protest if she were cornered.

So I’ve finally decided to let her have her own space and adjust to being indoors at her own pace. She’s using the litter box, she’s eating.

She LOVES Simon. Having him inside has helped her, but I can’t get him to go in there more often. He prefers my bed or the cushion next to the fireplace.

When he does, she just cries and nuzzles him and stays right with him. When he leaves she hides behind the corner chair until we all leave and I close the door.

I caught this shot this afternoon.

sara1.jpgSara is getting to the place where she’s adjusting to the other cats and they’re adjusting to her. I’m hoping if I give her time, she’ll come around in her own time. The fact that she didn’t run off her cushion when I opened the door to take this is a step in the right direction.

It’s just going to take time. ..but at least she’s safe and warm now.