We had our first “Big Snow” here in the NE GA mountains. It happened Thursday overnight. About 1.5″ fell and for us, that’s a big deal.

Little Summer had never seen snow before so I let her out. She ran out the door all excited to be going outside, then stopped, touched the cold snow, then ran under the deck.


It took her awhile to come out and brave this new substance, but she finally followed her friend Haley.


Finally, everyone who ran out into the snow ran back into the house and spent the rest of the day in various warm and interesting places, like Simon’s favorite spot by the fire.


Summer, however, had a different idea. Mommy hung the bird feeder in front of the kitchen window. So, Summer, Zoe, and Haley spent the rest of the day watching the birdies.


More snow expected this afternoon.  We’re ready with plenty of toys and food and a full stock of firewood.

Snow on a Saturday is a good thing.