It’s a warm, gray day in Northeast Georgia. I’m sitting on my glider on my back deck… in my shorts… and a sweater… tapping away on my laptop whilst my feline funsters run around the property.

Wish I could show you, but alas, my digital camera bit the dust recently. Santa did not bring me a new one, sadly. So, I must find one on my own after the holidays. I’m thinking though, I’d rather have a camcorder so I can upload video.

Some have asked for more photos of Summer. I heard recently from the parents of two of her siblings, Tyler and Trinity. They look like Himilayans and Turkish Angoras respectively. Summer looks like a pudgy, round-headed, short-haired white cat with blue eyes.

All of her littermates were longhaired except her…but she got a good portion of purrsonality and is a lot of fun to have around.

Speaking of kittens..and I was sorta… I can’t BELIEVE how many litters of kittens there were available here for adoption at Christmas.

When I did cat placement for a humane society in Atlanta back in the 90s, you couldn’t find a kitten at Christmas. People would call wanting to adopt a kitten and there weren’t any.

Kitten season always ended by the end of October. My brother laughed when I said it probably had to do with global warning, but I believe it has. Cats don’t breed when it’s cold. For at least 10 years now, it’s stayed warm, relatively, through December and the real winter chill doesn’t start until January.

That wasn’t the case a decade ago. So now that it’s staying warmer, cats are breeding later. That means kittens everywhere at Christmas…and too many for the number of homes that are needed.

I was at the Anderson, SC Petsmart a couple weekends ago. Two rescue groups had at least five litters of kittens…all shapes, colors, ages, sizes. So sad.

We Southerners HAVE GOT to get a better handle on spaying/neutering our pets.

I was sorely tempted to take home several…yeah that’s what I need… more cats.

Midgie, my dog, had a wonderful holiday but it was preceded by eye surgery and surgery to remove a lump on her head. The eye surgery involved removing cysts from her eyelids. All went well. I just hope they don’t grow back.

I’ve never met a dog who likes to open presents, but Midgie does. She knows when it’s Christmas, too. Years ago, I had to start wrapping her Christmas toys in tissue paper because she tries to open everyone’s presents and thinks they’re all for her.

She gets soo excited. It’s fun to watch. Maybe next year, I’ll have a video to post of Puppy and her Presents.

New job is going well, but I’m not liking the drive up and down the mountain everyday. If this job pans out the way I hope it will, I could be moving closer by the end of the year. It’s further up in the mountains than where I am now in a little town on a small college campus. Very bucolic.

I took this job because of the new challenge and opportunity it presented. I believe one should always be willing to learn something new. I was tired and bored with the old “formula” news writing I’ve been doing the past 20years. I’m definitely being stretched now.

Working for an NPR station is different from the normal commercial news operation, as I’ve discovered.

It caused a slight panic attack this week until I realized this is going to be fun once I get their style of writing down. Everyone has been so nice and patient with this old war horse. That’s a good sign.

Well everyone, Happy New Year from me, Midgie and the Kitties. May it be a safe, happy, peaceful and prosperous one for us all.