wait a minute. That’s what they say here in Georgia and I guess it’s true. It’s in the 70s today.. 20 degrees warmer than normal for this time of year.

I spent a good part of my Sunday chasing down the owners of two large Husky/Shepherd mixes that have come through my place looking for food and terrorizing my cats.

Turns out they belong to a redneck family that pays no attention to them so they wander the lake raiding other dogs’ food bowls and causing trouble.

Our lovely animal control officers told one of my neighbors recently (whose Rottweiller was attacked by these dogs) that they couldn’t pick them up because……..


Apparently they have to maul a small child before our ac officers will do anything.

So that prompted a timely call to my county commissioner. I decided if my Sunday was going to be interrupted so was his.

He agreed that was a lame excuse and promised to get to the bottom of it.  We shall see.

These are not friendly dogs, one of them stood his ground and growled at me, back hair raised, as I tried to run him off. He finally trotted off.

They also jumped a neighbor’s German Shepherd I was told this morning.

We have no leash laws in this county and just makes me furious.

I’m all for “live free or die” but not when it comes to endangering me, my dog, or my cats who were all outside when these guys came out of the woods.

Well, we’re all ok, thank goodness, but those dogs are out there somewhere and it makes me nervous.