Well it’s been, what, two months since I’ve written anything?

So much going on here, but all cats are happy this turkey day and I’m thankful we’re all snug at home.

The last weeks have been taken up with weddings (not mine, sadly), new job, travel, family stuff, you name it, but we’re still here.

Parker is curled up on my lap as I write this, happy to have mom home.

It absolutely poured all night long and is still overcast. Normally, we’d be a bit sad about that here, but with our extreme drought conditions, it’s a real answer to prayer and no one, not even my cats, are complaining.

In fact, most are outside in the wet leaves enjoying the unseasonably warm temperatures. … hoping against all hope to catch mommy a nice fresh squirrel for Thanksgiving dinner.

Hope to get back into my regular blogging now that the new job has started and things are starting to settle down again.

My biggest concern with the cats is little Sara, the gray and white semi-feral. She still comes twice a day for her dinner. And she’s letting me touch her for a split second before she eats..that’s progress.

But she’s afraid of going into anything because of being trapped so when it’s cold or rainy like today I dont’ know where she hides out. Gave serious thought to trying to trap her again, but it would just cause more trauma so I have to let her take this at her own pace.

Meantime, Simon has become well and truly one of the family. While everyone else is out in the wet woods, he’s napping happily at the foot of my bed. He’s had his fair share of being stuck out in the rain and cold and is not interested in the least.

So all is well with us and now it’s time to start dinner…

Have a happy T-day everyone!

Mj, Tommy, Supper, Alysanne, Parker, Rose, Zoe, Rusty, Baby, Mia, LilyBean, Haley, Summer, Simon, BJ and little  wild Sara.