It’s a simply beautiful day in the northeast Georgia mountains. Cool, clear, with the air washed clean of weeks of dust with a hard rain that came through Friday night.

The sun is shining this bright Sunday and I’ve got all the windows open to let in the cool breeze.

Then Rusty came home.

i-love-rustys-tail.jpgRusty has a favorite spot in the woods where he likes to spend most of his day… far enough away from the house to be “away” but close enough to get home and inside if he wants to.

His brown tabby fur is a perfect camouflage on the forest floor covered in layers of decaying leaves and tree limbs.  He finds his spot and sleeps undisturbed most of the day.

After breakfast this morning, just as dawn was breaking, he went out and I figured I’d not see him again until this evening.

Ran to the store to do some shopping in town and when I came home later this morning he was lying on the glider at the back door just sort of staring into space.

“You want in?” I asked as I opened the back door. But he didn’t seem to know if he should or not.

So after I put my bags of groceries on the kitchen counter, I walked back out and picked him up – then dropped him like a hot potato.

He had a meeting with a skunk while I was away and wreaked of skunk spray. No wonder he didn’t quite know what to do.

All the other cats went out and smelled it too. “ewww” they all seemed to react the same way and gave poor Rusty a wide berth.

After that, he wouldn’t let me pick him up. I think he knows he’s a little ripe and embarrassed.

He needs a bath, but maybe a few hours in the out of doors will help wear some of the stink off. Guess I know what I’ll be doing tonight.

The good news is he now knows why it’s not a good idea to stalk a skunk.