An email from “Potsy’s” new mom. Got this this morning. 🙂 n This is the puppy that ran, yelping from me and hid under the rubble, growling and barking.  The one I thought I’d never be able to rescue.

“I really enjoyed your email, thank you very much for writing me. Yesterday when we got him, he was so so shy. We thought it was going to take weeks for him to warm up to us. He woke up this morning and he is a totally different puppy! He is jumping around and playing tug and chase with us, he is eating a ton, and going potty like he is supposed to. He is the most loving dog i have ever met. When we sit down on the couch, he runs from across the room and jumps his highest to get up there with us. He loves to just lay on our laps and fall asleep. We are so happy with little potsy and so thankful that you went through all you did to rescue him and his litter mates. Thank you for giving us such an amazing little pup!”

Cyndi and Mike