I’m baaaack.

So far, the little puppies I rescued are doing great in their foster home and one has been adopted!

He was the last one I rescued..the little male puppy who growled at me and ran yelping everytime he saw me coming, is now the pride and joy of a new family who adopted him over the weekend.

While in foster care, he was neutered and vaccinated and once with his littermates quickly calmed down and realized he was in a good place.


I’m so grateful to the family who took him on. He’s still a little shy but they said he’s coming around nicely and I’m confident he’ll make a great family companion for them.

Meantime, some good and hopeful news for animals in my county and town. A group of concerned citizens, upset with all the stray dogs they see, pet overpopulation, and lack of leash laws has approached both the city and county commissions asking for tougher ordinances.

So far, the city commission has adopted their recommendations and the county commission is also interested.

My three abandoned puppies at the corner lot are gone. The last one, which I was feeding every day, has disappeared. I know a lot of people were trying to catch her. So I’m hoping someone was able to get her and gave her a good home.

On the “dark thirty” schedule at work now, which means I get up at 3a to be at work by 4:30 – 5a. – one reason I haven’t been blogging regularly again. Being a morning person, this isn’t so bad though and my cats love it.

Unless there’s some afternoon meeting or breaking news, I’m home by 1-2p.m. so they get to go outside and play for a few hours every day. Something they weren’t able to do on the regular shift since I dont’ let them out at night. I only let them out when I’m home so I can check on their whereabouts periodically and they all know they have to stick around the house and they do. It’s still fun and interesting to watch them.

Blue-eyed Mia and Summer have become best friends and neither strays far from the back deck. It’s like Mia one day looked at Summer and said, “Hey you have blue eyes like me! You must be mine, then.” She watches Summer play, grooms her, looks for her when she can’t find her. So when they go outside, Summer stays near Mia and if Mia comes in the house, so does Summer. I’m grateful for that.

I’ll be glad when it starts to get cool because they won’t want to be outside so much.