I had just about given up hope of ever getting the last puppy when a little miracle happened last night.

Tuesday evening I went to feed mama dog. She wasn’t around, but her remaining puppy was out playing with the neighbors dogs. He took one look at me, shrieked, and ran as fast as he could under the neighbor’s front porch and then into the woods – yelping the whole way, as he knocked into the other dogs, ran into the wheel of a car, and just kept on going. Now I know I look bad without make up, but that was a little over the top. 🙂

This was the puppy that was in the trap earlier with his sister, did an end run around me and ran back under the burned out house. Since then, he has stayed under the house and growled and barked whenever he heard me.

I concluded I wasn’t the one to get this puppy and he was never going into another trap. So I spoke to the nice couple next door to the rubble, gave them my number, and said if they ever got him to call.

Well last night, they called.

Puppy was under their house. This is a young couple, 20-something. When I got there, the nice young man was under the house and after a few minutes, had grabbed the little guy who shrieked, tried to bite him and was generally not happy.

We got puppy and mama dog into my car and last night the whole little canine family was reunited at Jennifer’s. He probably got the first decent meal and first happy night’s sleep he’s had in days. Mama had stopped nursing him so he was basically on his own for food.

Jen said all the puppies are doing great now…wagging their tails, coming to her willingly, playing and generally coming around. They’ll make great companions for nice families and individuals.

They can be seen on her Web site: www.adoptabuddy.petfinder.com.

Now I can relax for the rest of my holiday.