Wow, two posts in one day…I MUST be on vacation.

Jen sent me some photos of the puppies. Thought I’d pass them along.

And another good one of Summer and Mia, the blue-eyed duo, in their favorite spot on a hot afternoon.


Here’s three. As you can see, they’re pretty feral still, but Jennifer said she had one of the black and white ones on her bed the other night and it was wagging its little tail. The solid black one is very friendly and is out playing with the small dogs.


These guys are probably a little older than I thought, more like 12wks, but they’re going to be medium size, not more than 20 -25lbs.

This is the runt. A little girl about half the size of her littermates. She’ll only be between 15 – 18lbs. She’s a heart stealer. Ain’t she purdy?


And this is the one I caught yesterday. Better photo. Guess daddy to the black and whites was a “huntin’ dawg.”


They’ll all be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, etc. and adopted out either by Jennifer or another rescue group. Mama, too I hope.

Anyone interested in adopting one can contact Jen via her Website: or by email at: