I’m off this week and have more time to blog. I promised myself that I would NOT kill myself with ‘projects’ all week, but would rest. Take time to read, garden, nap, things you’re supposed to do on holiday. Typically, unless I travel somewhere, I find lots of little projects. “I’ll just feed the cats, then read…well first I’ll just get that old mail sorted out, then I’ll read …well, first I’ll just work get the laundry sorted…and before I know it, it’s 10p.m. and I’m exhausted and don’t know why.

Not this week. Puppy or no puppy.

Yes, it’s sad how people can be so irresponsible with their animals. The mama dog was a dump off, but she wore a rag tag collar and everyone, including me, thought she belonged to someone around here and was just another roaming “yard dog,” but no. Went by there this morning. The nice neighbors next door were out and said I could put the trap on their property. So I’ll set it tonight again and see what happens.

Meantime, my cats are thrilled to be able to run around outside this morning. Most of them, except for three or four, normally have to stay in when I go to work and only get about one or two days on the weekend to be outside exploring. That’s so ingrained in them that when I left for a few minutes this morning to tend to the mama dog and puppy, they all came in the house when they saw me leave. Funny. You can train cats, even if it’s by accident.

And it looks like the last foster kitten from earlier found a home… with me. That’s 13 cats now, not counting Sara who lives in the woods and comes around for a meal once a day. That’s a lot of cats. Good thing we live in the country.

Her name is Summer.