Got one more puppy today and one more is yet to catch.

I made the decision yesterday to go retrieve mama dog from Jennifer primarily because the remaining puppies under the rubble were not coming out – not even when no one was there = for the food I was putting out.

That turned out to be the right thing to do. She’s still letting these little guys nurse even though they’re about 10wks old, maybe older.

At first she didn’t seem interested in being back until I carried her over to the rubble and put her in front of the hole where the remaining puppies go in and out of.

Once they saw her they came running out, bodies wagging, crying and she immediately allowed them to nurse.
I stood back and watched them for awhile. For two days, they waited under that burned out house, waited for mom to come back. I would hear them under there whimpering, then growling at me, then whimpering. Now, they were running and jumping all over her, playing in the tall grass and following her everywhere. It was heartwarming and sad at the same time.

There should have been three puppies coming out to greet her but only two came – the remaining black and white ones. I believe the little yellow lab looking puppy died. He had been very thin and the last time I saw him seemed to have trouble standing. His little body is probably somewhere under the wreckage.

Now, if I could just get her to help me get the last two puppies they could again be one big happy family at Jennifer’s until they were adopted out.

Couldn’t think what to do and didn’t want to mess with that gigantic trap again. Then I remembered I had a cat trap. It was big enough to hold at least one or two puppies and easy for me to pick up and carry.

Set that out this morning. It was interesting to watch the whole thing go down. As I put food out mama dog came to greet me. I set the food and water in the tall grass and set the trap nearby covered with an old green bed sheet.

Mama dog ate most of the food, but left some.  Then she went and stood by the hole and as if to tell them to come eat, which they did. The pups ate what she had left and began looking around for more. I had put some Alpo canned in the trap and then went back to my car and watched from the road.

At one point, both puppies were in the trap, but the one that ran by me the other day was more leery and he backed away. It didn’t take long and I had myself one more puppy.

rubble-puppy1.jpgShe’s now in a little dog crate in my kitchen waiting for her trip to Jen’s later today. Isn’t she pretty? She’s really scared, though. There’s no way to tell her she’s safe and she’s just kind of lying there afraid to move. These puppies were never socialized to humans so that’s an area where Jennifer is good. She’ll work with them until they’re ready to be adopted.

Tonight, I’ll set both traps and see what I have in the morning. Hopefully, the last little pup. Then it and mama dog can be reunited with the rest of the litter at Jen’s. Fingers crossed.