Four of my five foster kittens have now found homes..and by all accounts, good homes.  I’ve been tempted to keep the fifth girl, but really she deserves a home where she can be the “queen.”


This is her with my cat, Haley.  She’s three-months old now and getting into things. The other night I heard this horrible yowling and jumped out of bed and ran into the kitchen to find her caught between the slats of the back of my kitchen chair.  She was hanging halfway out and twisted.

Got her free, but it was unnerving.  She’s none the worse for wear and didn’t appear to hurt anything, except her pride.

Got the new floors down, gave away most of the living room furniture and I’m ready to start painting.  Should have done that this weekend, but I’ve wrecked my shoulder somehow, pulled a muscle or something and it hurts like the dickens, as they say.

So it’s another lazy Sunday, here.  Cooler than normal for this time of year, but the sun is out and the humidity low.  The cats are enjoying their day out.