Sometimes we think it’s raining all over the world.

100% humidity this morning turned into 100% thunder boomers this afternoon, but it cooled things down.

The kittens have a new box to play in after I brought home the new vaccuum cleaner. Rusty had a good time last night tearing off little pieces for me to vaccuum up all over the living room rug. Gotta keep mom busy. New vaccuum works great.

Tomorrow is another busy day with new flooring being put down in the kitchen, which serves as the catalyst for a complete redecoration. I’m tired already.

Little Sara disappeared for several days after my cat Baby chased her up a tree. Thought for sure a coyote got her, but she’s back.

Picking up the kitten’s mom Tuesday. She’s getting spayed Thursday and then back to her owners. Will be interesting to see how the kittens react to her after over a month away and how she reacts to them.