I’m always surprised at how cats behave with another. They’re great fun to observe.

You would think my adults would be indignant at the presence of pesky little foster kittens, but no. Mia would rather sit and watch them than go outside.

Here, my cat Rusty (neutered male) showers little foster kitten, Smudge, with a feline version of kisses..and she got her face washed too. She loved every minute of it.


He will actually grab them with his paw and hold them down to wash them all over. Last night, however, he chose to wash Smudge’s face, then give her little love nibbles on her neck.


She got her ears washed, too. Maybe the adults understand they’re orphaned from their birth mom.



Even though they’re not related, my adults seem to enjoy playing big brother, big sister to these babies. Now if these guys were over six months old and unspayed or not neutered – it would be world war three.