Took the kittens Saturday to their first adoption day. They handled it better than I expected, with all the barking dogs and all.

Lots of people admiring them, none wanting to adopt. Looks like I’ll have them a little longer.

The good news is, they’re very sweet and all of my adults are tolerating them very well. Several, in fact, really like them.

Mia, my Siamese had a chance yesterday morning and today to be outside all day, but instead she chose to stay in the house and be with the kittens. She kind of “nannied” them. Mostly, she just sat and watched them play. She could have gone out at any time, but didn’t. When they fell asleep for their afternoon nap, she came and sat on my lap as if to say, “I’ve got them down for a nap, mom, they’re doing fine.” Then she took her own nap.

Very hot in NE Ga today…had to have been in the 90s. Everyone was glad to come in for their dinner this afternoon and relax on the cool kitchen floor. sundaydinner1.jpg


Sara has her “dinner table” in the woods.