calicos2.jpgMy three remaining foster kittens are getting bigger by the minute, but so far, I haven’t had any calls or emails in over a week about them.

They’re the kind of kittens everyone will be looking for at Christmas and there won’t be any because kitten season will be over.

They’re just beautiful…and with blue eyes!


Who doesn’t want a kitten/cat with blue eyes!?!? And I’m not talking about they’re blue until their eyes turn whatever color they’re going to be – they did that – they’re blue, a deep deep blue.  They look likeTurkish Vans with blue eyes.  Well I want one.

Well at least they’re happy and healthy and my crew doesn’t seem to mind them at all, which is a treat and makes it easier to have them underfoot.

Meantime, little wild girl Sara has picked a spot in the woods by the house where she ‘lives’ if you want to call it that. 


Morning and night, I put food out there for her.  I’m still hoping that before the cold weather gets here, we will have made friends.