But I dont’ think she’s happy..really.  Little feral Sara spent a good week cozy and comfy in a softsided extra large dog crate under my kitchen table recovering from her spay surgery for most of last week.

She enjoyed it I think – a soft, clean old comforter to sleep on, two squares a day with all the dry food she could eat in between, plenty of fresh water when she wanted it.  I had a covered litter box inside my small wire dog crate and had attached it to the door of the soft-sided crate so she could have a kind of separate room for her litterbox. 

For the first several days, she ate and slept and seemed to enjoy watching the household activity from the safety of her little room. She never tried to get out.  She even let me pet her a bit on the head and behind the ears. 

Then she started feeling better.

When I reached my hand out to pet her one morning, she laid her ears flat back and smacked me. No scratches, but she didn’t like it.  She started to walk around more and looked more attentive to what was going on in the house.  I could tell she was ready for freedom, and I realized she was never going to be a house cat. Maybe I shouldn’t say “never.”  So I carried her, inside her travel crate, out to the edge of the back woods and unzipped the door. Off she ran into the woods as fast as she could go.

Several hours later, she was in the woods directly across from my kitchen window crying and waiting for her dinner.  That was last Thursday.

Since then, she’s come all but one day crying and looking for her dinner, just like before the spay, but it’s always at different times and in different places which makes it hard to know when to feed her now.  This morning, I was walking my dog and there she was crying for food, so I fed her on the road near the front gate.  Last night she was in the wood shed, so I fed her there.  I feel bad for her, but it’s the life she knows – constantly looking over her shoulder while she eats, living in fear of dogs, other cats, people.

We do what we can I guess.

On a lighter note… I found a fabulous home for two of my foster kittens, now I have to adopt out the three remaining.  They get their first FVRCP shots tonight.  They’ve come a long way from the dehydrated, skinny kittens I rescued. They’re fat rolypoly babies, fluffly white with fluffy gray tails and blue eyes.  In short, to die for..but I can’t keep them! (http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=8542145).

We do what can, she said again.