Well once again, the best laid plans went horribly wrong and I haven’t kept up my blogging, but a lot has happened in my little kitty world recently, especially as it concerns our Little Girl Sara. 

After weeks of feeding her every evening, weeks of calling her, weeks of her running in response to my calls, she finally let me within a foot of her while she ate.  Then, the other day as I was out walking looking for one of my other cats, she joined me and we sat together.  She laid down about a foot away and I would talk to her and she would answer.

The other news is, I discovered she was pregnant.  That brought up a whole new set of concerns. The thought of her having her kittens in the woods somewhere, where any raccoon or fox could find them and eat them was more than I wanted to deal with. Plus, if they survived and she brought them to my back door when it was weaning time, what would I do with them??  We have scads of kittens in our county right now, it being kitten season.

Well I’ve been on vacation this week and had a chance to get her to mobile vet who does low cost spay/neuters and I had her spay/aborted.  Let’s not wax religious on this one, folks, we’re talking about kittens, not human babies. ‘nough said.

So while she recovers, Sara is in my kitchen in a large soft-sided travel crate for dogs.  It’s a good time for her to recover from surgery and get to know me and what it’s like being in a house. Time will tell.

jobabsgi.jpgMeantime, I took in a litter of the cutest kittens to foster for my friend who runs a humane society/rescue.  They’re all calico vans and one that looks like a Siamese Snowshoe. Four females and a male.  They’re just six weeks old.  Wish I could keep them all, but that’s not possible. Got some good homes lined up so far, though, for at least three of them.