Got a call a couple weeks ago from Menu Foods.  My dog had eaten 12 pouches of what turned out to be recalled Nutro Dog Food.   She never got sick, but I did take her in for blood work to make sure she was ok.

After a long phone interview, they directed me to a web site to print out claim forms which I sent in. Hopefully, they’ll reimburse me my vet bills.

Took the remaining canned dog food back to Petsmart for a refund and they didn’t want to give me all of my money back because I didn’t have all 12 empty pouches. I DID have the receipt listing all of the food I purchased that was recalled, but that wasn’t good enough for the manager. She wanted the ACTUAL empty pouches.  I suppose she wanted other customers to produce a dead dog or cat too.

Anyway, after raising a big, shall we say, stink, about it, she refunded all of my money. 

I purchased six cans of recalled IAMS canned dog food at another store as well.  That store wouldn’t refund my money because I didn’t have a receipt.  So I emailed IAMS and they sent me back a whopping $6 along with a letter of apology for my ‘bad experience’ with their product.

This all just kills me. These companies play fast and loose with our pets health, while we pay high prices for what we think is a premium product made by the company itself, and they still feel like they have no responsibility.

Oh, and a USDA rep called me to see if Menu Foods had contacted me.  I tactfully chastised them for their lack of oversight.  These so-called premium pet food companies have perpetrated a fraud on the consumer and that’s ok, apparently.  Meantime, it continues to get worse with more recalls and more pet products affected.  Which makes me wonder what human food products were affected that we don’t know about yet.

Ok, putting the soapbox away.