Thankfully, our Litte Girl has continued to come for food on my back deck and is now responding to my calls in the evenings, which I discovered by accident. I was calling for Mia Saturday evening and LG responded instead as she walked up from the deep woods. She keeps her distance though.  So I thought of a name for her that sounded like Mia and came up with “Sara.” It works.  

 Apparently, the need for food and feline companionship is winning out. Since she first reappeared last week,  she’s come up just about every night for the dry kibble I’ve put out for her.. I’m hoping that one day, she’ll overcome her fear of me and follow her beloved BartHenry, aka, William, aka, Bill the Cat and become a part of our little family.

The rest of my family is upset with me because I won’t let them roam freely outside while I’m away at work.  I used to do that, but I’ve lost two cats to my neighbors free roaming dogs and the new rule after I found my little Casey dead in the woods when I came home from work one day last summer is, “No cats outside unless I’m there to supervise and check on them.”

It’s interesting how cats learn.  They are lovers of routine and repetition.  So, by establishing an “outdoor” routine with them, they’re learning when they can go out, where they can be while outside, and when it’s time to come in. 

It’s funny because I tell them, “Stay close to the house” and they do now.  In previous summers, they used to roam far and wide and I couldn’t find some of them for hours.  This summer, everyone hangs out right near the house. I leave the back door open so they can make a quick entrance if they feel afraid for any reason.

If I can’t find one, I call their name and say, “I can’t see you..where are you?” and within a minute or two, they appear..pretending to ignore me while playing with a bug or whatever… but they understand that I just want to know where they are.

Now, if I can just establish a routine of feeding with Little Girl, aka “Sara”, maybe I can get her to overcome her fear.  Haven’t been able to get a photo yet. In time.