baby-at-2.jpgIt was a beautiful spring day here in the mountains and everyone was outside enjoying the warm sun. Thought it was a good time to take some new snaps of a few of the furkids.  Hope these upload ok.  That’s Baby above. Two years ago, she was a 4wk old foundling.  Today, she’s my little tiger….rolling in the dirt. “It’s good fer ya mom….keeps the bugs off.”

im-hiding-from-the-squirrel.jpg   This is LilyBean. She’s hiding from the squirrels. We don’t actually see her. She’s imbizzable.


AlysAnne above: “What?”


Mia. Just a year old now. A foster kitten I’ve had since she was 2wks old. Her baby picture is on another post.  If there’s mischief to get into, Mia will find it… or invent it.


Rosie is one of three blk/white tuxedos and the littlest. She’s Rusty’s mom.  He’s 2.5 and she still mothers him and gets upset when he’s not in the house at night with her.


This is Rusty. He takes after his daddy, RJ and prefers the life of a country barn cat. He’s sweet, not too bright, but smart enough to figure out how to drag a black bird through the cat door without hurting it. He’s also managed to defeat every cat door lock by ramming himself into it until it breaks.  He gets to go out a lot more than the other cats.  Go figure.


 1yr old Halie is the third member of the Teenage Trio….Mia, Halie, and LilyBean. All were foster kittens I rescued last year while president of the local shelter auxiliary. She and Lily almost died after their spay surgeries because of a virus in the cat room at the shelter. I took them home and nursed them back to health.  She loves to watch nature programs on Animal Planet.


Tommy is now the senior member of the family at 12. He’s a funny fellow and everyone loves him.


Beautiful Zoe. She’s just magnificent… and she knows it.  Rescued at 6wks, she’s 4 now and still takes my breath away every time I look at her.


Here she is again. 🙂


Finally, Parker my calico van. Not a very good pix but she doesn’t sit still for photos well.  She’s fussy and a total mama’s girl.  6yrs old and the most people-oriented cat I’ve ever known.

So that’s pretty much everyone, except for the new boy.

For those concerned about them going outside, two things.

1. We live far off the main drag in the country on a lake. Very little chance of them getting hit by a car. I worry more about coyotes.

2. They only go out when I’m home and can keep an eye on them.

3. They pretty much stay around the house.