Easter week brought more surprises than the unbelievably cold weather.  Our Little Girl feral kitty suddenly returned.

I truly thought I’d seen the last of her when she jumped out my bedroom window last month, but it appears hunger has brought her back.

Because of the warmer weather, I’ve been putting out a dry food bowl for the mainly outside cats on my back deck instead of in the tool shed.  Of course, it attracts all kinds of lovely creatures… oppossum, racoons, and low and behold, Ellgie!

I happened to check out the back window one night last week as the sun was going down and there she was, walking up from the wood shed. I watched her jump over the gate to the deck and eat… and eat… and eat.  She ate like she hadn’t had a decent meal since I let her loose.  It could be the case.

People make the mistake of thinking that a cat will instinctively know how to hunt for food if left to its own devices.  It’s not necessarily true.  Even if they hunt, a domestic cat who is fed a diet of dry kibble and/or canned cat food may not actually eat its prey.

Remember my cat Missy? She had no idea the chipmunck she smuggled into the house was food.  Missy would come to the back deck and eat the dry food. That’s how I first saw her. My roommate had food out for her cat. One night, she looked out the back window and there was this little tabby cat.   Missy was shy and it took a long time for her to come around and warm up to me. She was always a bit stand-offish for the next 15 yrs that I had her, but she had belonged to someone because the vet said she had been spayed and declawed and then thrown out or stolen.

So it could be that this little cat belonged to someone who dumped her in the woods and she’s so terrified she won’t come around. 

Whatever the reason, I’m glad she’s back – even if it’s just to come out at night. Last night, I put out some leftover chicken bits with the kibble and saw her later with her “boyfriend” – yet another cat.    What I don’t want is kittens under the wood shed, but I think it’s going to happen unless I can catch her. The problem is she’s trap smart. I tried a humane trap with a can of sardines, but she wouldn’t go in it.