Between work and cooking for my cat family and my dog, I haven’t had much time to write about anything these days.

Am I the only one furious about the gigantic scam perpetrated on the American consumer by these so-called, “premium” pet foods?

I’ve been buying Nutro, Hills SD, and Iams for both my cats and my dog for YEARS, thinking that I was buying the best pet foods money could buy, only to find out that the same company that makes .50 cent a can Ol Roy and Special Kitty Wal-mart brands also makes Nutro brands, Iams brands, and a host of other brands of pet food.  IT’S ALL THE SAME STUFF!!

My dog Midgie ate 12 POUCHES of that Nutro “cuts and gravy” food before I discovered the pouches (which I had to dig out of the trash) had the UPC codes listed on the Menu Foods site as contaminated.  By nothing short of a miracle, she didn’t get sick, though I had to take her to the vet for blood work.

I have 12 cats. I can’t afford to take every cat to the vet for blood work to make sure they’re ok and their livers and kidneys weren’t comprimised. 


After extensive research on the Internet, I have found recipes and I have started cooking for my animals.  Dr. Donald Strombeck, DVM is one authority and exponent of home cooking for pets.  He has books out on the subject which you can easily find via a Google search.

I’ve had cats die of kidney disease in the past and it’s not pretty.  One of my cats, Parker, was sick last year with liver problems that I’m now thinking might have been related to this. She spent three days in the hospital getting massive doses of fluids and antibiotics.  She had stopped eating for no apparent reason and protein built up in her liver.  The vets never could figure out what was going on with her, but she pulled through.

Anyway, I’m sending my vet bill and my Petsmart receipt to Nutro.  I should also charge them for the emotional distress this has caused me plus the time off from work, and they can buy me a tank of gas while they’re at it, too.