beautiful-parker.jpgMost cats, raised underfoot, are affectionate with their owners.  My cat, Parker, takes it to a new level.

Parker is absolutely devoted to me and has been from the day I pulled her out of a county animal control shelter seven years ago. Wow, has it been that long?

Anyway, I didn’t go looking for a cat or kitten to adopt. It just happened that my vet at the time also ran the county animal shelter next to his practice.

I had to take my cat Drew to the vet one Saturday morning and got there late, which meant there were 47 other people ahead of me and since Saturday’s were first come, first serve that meant an hour wait at least.  

After sitting for a time in his waiting room squished between a redneck with large, fat mixed breed dog and a woman with a small wiggly child and a smaller wigglier toy dog of some sort, I decided to get out and walk around.

Put Drew (in his carrier) back in the car and went into the shelter just “to look.”

At that time, I had five cats, and one very spoiled little dog and I didn’t NEED any more cats. I just wanted “to look.”

As I peaked through the window into the Cat Room, I saw this kitten, about three months old, just crying her head off.  When she saw me, crying turned into yowling and reaching through the cage bars with everything she had.

So I went in.

Just “to look.”

Well there she was, crying and all. No one was around to tell me not to, so I took her out of her cage and put her on the floor of the cat room.  Just then, the attendant walked in.

“I’m just looking,” I noted as I stared down at the little kitten weaving in and out of my legs.

“She’s $20,” the attendant said and walked out.

“Ok, but I’m just looking. I’m waiting for my turn at the vet,” I added.

Parker is one of these “foo foo” cats that men hate. You know, the fluffly “girl” cats.  The ones women ask for at adoptions at Petsmart and men say, “oh no…we’re not bringing THAT home! That’s a GIRL’S cat!”

She’s what’s known as a calico van. She’s mostly white longhair with calico spots on her head and a fluffy calico tail.

Ok, so I’M a girl. …and I like “foo foo” cats. 

Well I was just looking and she was just pleading at my feet, and of course I can’t let the cry for help from a kitten go unanswered.  So I picked her up, looked her in the eyes and said, “I’m just looking.”

Then I walked out of the Cat Room to the attendant’s desk and paid for her.

Drew saw the vet and I picked up little Parker and drove home…. the entire time saying to myself, ‘What did I just do?’

At home, insinuated herself into every aspect of my life. I could hardly walk. After a few days, however, she calmed down and integrated nicely with my other cats.

Parker however, has always remained her mommie’s shadow and she doesn’t appreciate anyone on my lap but her.  If she had her way, she would spend the rest of her life in my arms, her paws around my neck, licking my nose and face.

Last year, she became very ill and stopped eating. She spent three days at the hospital in intensive care. When she started to come around, I was allowed to visit. As I held her in my arms, she lay quietly for a time. Then, she reached up putting both paws around my neck. Gently, pulling me close to her, she began to lick my nose. That’s when I knew she was going to get well.  The staff had never seen anything like it.  I took her home the next day.

As I write this, Parker Anne Fluffington Foo (she IS a foo foo cat after all) is curled up on my lap with one paw reaching up to me.